1-5 Kilometer TDOA Multi-Base Station Localization

Passive Detection: Passive detection with 360-degree full spatial coverage, does not emit electromagnetic signals actively, ensuring high concealment.

Ultra-Wideband Spectrum Monitoring: Capable of real-time spectrum analysis across the entire frequency range from 100MHz to 6GHz.

Comprehensive Model Identification: Accurately identifies over 200 drone models including DJI series, Wi-Fi, FPV racing drones, analog video transmission, digital video transmission, and more.

TDOA Localization: Supports multi-device networking for TDOA localization. Networking methods are flexible, including support for 4G/5G networking.

Flexible Installation: Small form factor and modular design, supports various installation methods such as bracket, pole-mounted, embedded, and more.

Detection Radius: Urban environment coverage of 1 to 5 kilometers (varies based on the environment and drone model).