Full Automatic Zoom and Focus: Fully automatic zoom and focus with integrated optical defogging and servo tracking.

Visible and Thermal Imaging Combination:Visible light and thermal imaging combination with multi-channel imaging and data fusion.

Edge Computing and Target Recognition:Built-in algorithms for recognizing over 80 categories of targets including humans, vehicles, ships, etc.Supports specific target detection and identification.

Thermal Source Detection and Tracking: Integrated detection, tracking, warning, and alarm for thermal sources.Links with visible light imaging for zoomed-in views and snapshots.

Wide Range Design:Horizontal rotation of 0-360° and vertical rotation of -90° to +90°, suitable for close-range target detection and tracking.

Accurate Azimuth and Field of View Feedback:Precise azimuth and field of view feedback for physical positioning of moving targets like drones, vehicles, and ships.

Low Power Consumption and Lightweight Design:Low power consumption with total power ≤ 20W, and total weight ≤ 8kg.

IP67 Protection Level:IP67 protection against water and dust, designed for operation in ultra-low temperatures and equipped with shock absorption, suitable for high-level and harsh environments.

Integration Options:Can be integrated with radar, GPS positioning, environmental parameters, and power management.

Applications: Covers a range of industry applications, including tracking small, slow-moving targets up to 1-2 kilometers in the air, and typical targets on land or sea up to 1-3 kilometers away, such as humans, vehicles, and ships.