Ultra-Long Focal Zoom and Focus:Ultra-long focal length zoom and focus with optical defogging and cooled thermal imaging. Long-range target imaging suitable for 24/7 continuous defense operations.

Full-Screen Target Classification and Detection:Automatic search, discovery, locking, and tracking of targets within the full-screen frame.Automatic identification of targets including thermal sources.

Synchronous Image Encoding and Intelligent Computing: Efficient target classification and recognition with over 80 categories.

Efficient Detection and Low-Latency Tracking Control:Efficient detection and low-latency tracking control, achieving target imaging to tracking computation within 80 milliseconds.

High-Speed and High-Precision Direct Drive Servo Control:High-speed, high-precision direct drive servo control system for accurate geodetic coordinate (latitude, longitude, altitude) reporting.

Special Servo System:Specially designed servo system with a maximum pitch range of -50 to -90 degrees and a flat-top design.Supports synchronous operation with multiple payloads.

Advanced Applications and Integration:Supports advanced applications such as latitude and longitude coordinate transformation and third-party data forwarding.Collaborative integration with third-party systems.

Payload Options:Can be equipped with electromagnetic interference, GPS positioning, electronic compass, laser ranging, and angle deviation.

Integration Possibilities:Can be integrated with third-party radar, radio detection systems, friend-or-foe recognition systems, and physical or protocol-based alarm signals.